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Monday Musings…Christian Fiction and The Gift of Hope

I have been reading Christian fiction novels since I was a little girl. But, I must say, it must have been within the last ten years that it has really exploded. There are so many genres to read: romance, mystery, fantasy, etc., and they, in my opinion, can compete with the secular genre (or even surpass them). That said, there is a lot of criticism with Christian fiction. If the novel is a mystery, the question comes up with how violent should those novels be? Is there a level of details Christian novels should not delve into? If it’s romance, should there be kissing and how much? Should the characters even find each very attractive? My short answer, so long as the book is not about shock and awe, we are adults and we can handle it. And God will tell if you can’t (I’m also hesitant to tell you what you can and can’t do; legalism doesn’t do anybody any favors). Furthermore, if I want to read something realistic, I think we as Christians should have options. I shouldn’t have to turn to the secular world for anything.

To show you the difference between Christian fiction and secular fiction let’s look at  Hunger Games. I loved the series, but when I closed that final novel, in spite of the ending, the book felt a bit depressing. There was no hope. Katniss seemed to say this is my lot in life and I must deal with it.

Christian fiction leaves us with hope. Whether that’s to tell us that there is eternity with Jesus to look forward to, or that God will work everything out, I rarely finish a Christian novel filled with despair. And that’s why I read them. They can be funny, sad, sweet, and romantic, but they always point back to Jesus. They give us the gift of Hope.

Confusing? Makes sense? Have anything to add?

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