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Becky Wade’s Undeniably Yours


When Meg Cole’s father dies unexpectedly, she becomes the majority shareholder of his oil company and the single inheritor of his fortune. Though Meg is soft-spoken and tenderhearted–more interested in art than in oil–she’s forced to return home to Texas and to Whispering Creek Ranch to take up the reins of her father’s empire.

The last thing she has the patience or the sanity to deal with? Her father’s thoroughbred racehorse farm. She gives its manager, Bo Porter, six months to close the place down.

Bo’s determined to resent the woman who’s decided to rob him of his dream. But instead of anger, Meg evokes within him a profound desire to protect. The more time he spends with her, the more he longs to overcome every obstacle that separates them–her wealth, his unworthiness, her family’s outrage–and earn the right to love her.

But just when Meg begins to realize that Bo might be the one thing on the ranch worth keeping, their fragile bond is viciously broken by a force from Meg’s past. Can their love–and their belief that God can work through every circumstance–survive?


Oh I was so thrilled to get my hands on this book and it did not disappoint! I’ve said it before, but can I say it again? I love the way Ms. Wade’s heroes love their heroines. I mean its real love that isn’t flaky and doesn’t change with the wind and when it hits them it hits them hard. Bo is no exception. I love the way he anticipates Meg’s needs before she tells him, the way he patiently waits for her, and the way that he doesn’t stop loving her when things get hard. So Bo has my vote! I found Meg to be a real person. She had flaws and issues and yet she turned to God with each of them and you could see her grow and develop throughout the course of the book. I really appreciated her overall generous nature that really shines in this novel. I will say, when I first saw what the book was about, I was like another rancher/cowboy who saves a city girl? But honestly, the characters come to life in such a way, it will be unlike any other novel you have read. Furthermore, I liked the overall theme of forgiveness and not only trusting God, but learning how to trust people again after encountering particularly nasty people. Looking forward to anything Ms. Wade writes next! Highly recommended!

**I received this novel from Netgalley. My opinion was not affected in anyway.**

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