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Morgan Busse’s Son of Truth


Arise now, guardian…

The war in the north is over, but the war for all the Lands has just begun. As the Shadonae solidify their hold on the city of Thyra, Rowen Mar, the last Eldaran and savior of the White City, awakens to find herself hunted by those she has saved.

Meanwhile, the assassin Caleb Tala finds himself in the presence of the Word. The time of reckoning has come, and he must pay the price for all the lives he has taken. But in his moment of judgment, Caleb is given a second chance to change his life.

These two hold the power to save the Lands from the Shadonae. One must escape slavery, and one must choose to forsake everything before the world is consumed in darkness.


I so enjoyed book two! It picked up right where Daughter of Light left off and in spite of the fact that I hadn’t read book one in a while, I never felt lost. I loved the chemistry between Lore and Rowan and every time they were together I wanted the novel to just pause for a moment. Often times, in book two, the hero and heroine are separated (and they are in this one for some time) and in my opinion, this detracts from the novel. However, in this case it worked. I never felt like the story was lacking because one or the other wasn’t there. We also get to see Caleb change and develop and while I found his character fascinating in the previous novel, he has now become one of my favorite characters. Niernen gets a lot of time in this novel and let’s just say, I’m interested in seeing what happens between her and Caleb. Spiritually, I love the idea that forgiveness is for everyone and to trust God even when it seems like you’ve jumped out the pan and into the fire. If I have anything negative to say about this novel, it was that it was not long enough! I wanted more! Great sequel. Highly Recommended!

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