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Monday Musings…Are Amish novels Contemporary Novels?

I know this question seems to come out of nowhere, but recently I was asked what kind of novels I liked to read and when I stated contemporary novels, someone mistook that for Amish novels. No.

In my opinion Amish novels are not contemporary novels even though in those novels they can do contemporary like things. Amish novels are in a category all to themselves. Though they are born in contemporary days, they choose to live in times past which to me, creates a different genre. I have nothing against these types of novels and though they are not my favorite to read, they are interesting and with the right author, an absolute delight. It is simply that when I think Contemporary, I suppose something like Chick Lit flashes through my mind. Amish novels represent to me, people who are tied down to customs and those customs and traditions run their lives (whether for good or for bad) and that to me, more than anything reminds me of historical fiction. So complicated.

Anyone agree with me? Anyone disagree? Just have something to add?

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