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Feature Friday: Lori Wick

I’ve decided to do a new thing! Feature Friday will feature some of my favorite authors and showcase some of their past novels. It won’t be every Friday, as I often do author interviews on Friday, but it will be a couple Fridays a month. Today’s author of the day is Lori Wick! Have you ever read a Lori Wick novel? She’s classic. Her books are beautifully written with a focus on Jesus. She has since retired, but I decided to showcase my favorite books by the fabulous Ms. Wick.

This is the first book I read by Ms. Wick and doesn’t every girl want to be a princess? So sweet!

This is one of the best “arranged marriages” books ever!

If this isn’t one of the best come back stories! So loved Bobbie and Jeff!

I loved Rusty! Couldn’t put this one down!

Ms. Wick comes up with hands down the best premises. This book takes you to WWII and presents a different way to look at it!

A female captain?! Count me in!

Such a sweet romance! And the first in a fantastic series!

This is a great regency novel! I’ve read it dozens of times!

I stayed up all night reading this one!

Classic! Jumps off from the first page!

A bit long, but totally worth it!


Lori Wick has written dozens of more books than these. But these are my favorites and my go toos when I feel like reading one of her romances. I hope you get a chance to read all of them! Does anyone have a favorite of hers? Did it make this list?


One thought on “Feature Friday: Lori Wick

  1. Sean Donvan and the Princess are my two absolute favorites! As a matter of fact I was recently thinking it is time to grab a Lori Wick novel! They are classic!

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