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Monday Musings…When Books are Hard to Read

Ever read a book that is just plain hard to finish? I have and I have come to the conclusion that this can be a good or a bad thing.

Good thing: A good book can be hard to read because you are so invested in the characters. Perhaps that character has a huge trial up ahead or you, the reader, are aware of danger up ahead. This might make the book hard to read. But this is a good thing, because the author has managed to make you care very much for the people so that you don’t want bad things to happen. That said, you still might be turning the pages slowly in an effort to ward off danger.

Bad thing: The novel is probably really bad if you have a hard time reading it. You know it’s bad when you’re looking at the pages left and thinking I’ve only read that much? And I’m not talking about bad grammar or horrible writing. I am talking about good writing and bad storytelling where you are so uninvested in the characters that they could die on the next page and you might even be happy. These are the kinds of books I usually regret buying and do not finish. But I have discovered that with doing reviews sometimes I have to read the hard ones.

Ever come across a hard to read novel? Good or bad? If bad, do you continue to read it anyway?

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