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Interview of Dani Pettrey

Thank you for willing to be interviewed!

Thanks so much for asking 🙂

1. When writing mysteries, for you, what comes first? The villain? The mystery? Or how it’s solved?

What a great question! For me it’s usually the mystery. I have a ‘what if’ idea and then I let it roll.

2. How far in advance do you plan the subplots of the other siblings? Or do they surprise you?

When I started my Alaskan Courage series, I knew some things that I wanted to happen down the road with different characters, but they have definitely surprised me with each and every story. For example, I anticipated Piper’s story being last, but as you can see with Shattered, she was ready for her story to be told.

3. Piper has a really great personality, that I for one found refreshing. Of all the ladies in your novels, which one is your favorite?

Very tough question. I love all the ladies in my Alaskan Courage series. Piper is so sweet and fierce, I can’t help but adore her, but I probably empathize closest with Bailey Craig. As a new Christian, I really struggled with letting go of my past, just as Bailey did. Bailey will always have a special place in my heart.

4. What characteristics did you know Landon had to have in order to be a good match for Piper?

To be quite honest, I didn’t. I don’t chart out my characters or anything before I write. I daydream about them and, since I’m such a visual person, I usually have a picture of

what I envision them looking like, but then I just let the story unfold. And, of course, there are always rewrites to fine-tune the areas that need tweaking.

5. Can you tell us anything about the next novel that you’re writing?

Sure. I’m finishing up the revisions on Stranded (the third book in my Alaskan Courage series), which is due to release September 1st. Stranded is Gage and Darcy’s story.

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3 thoughts on “Interview of Dani Pettrey

  1. Stranded comes out on my birthday month too 🙂 So interesting to read your answers, Dani. (Just randomly ; are your eyes more green or blue? Gor-geous.) And once sgain, good questions Embassie. 🙂

    Happy friday, everyone!

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