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Vacirca Vaughn’s Ayiti


In the first half of this epic Christian romance novel, Dr. Ayiti Jean-Pierre is
determined to travel back to the homeland that is her namesake,Ayiti–or
“Haiti,” as it is known in English. When she was seven-years-old, Ayiti and her
family were forced to flee the beautiful island to escape the political turmoil
and poverty that was beginning to bring misery to the Haitian people. Once her
family moved to New York, Ayiti never quite got over the feeling of being
displaced. She never quite felt at home. With a deep longing to return to her
homeland, Ayiti throws herself into her studies and becomes a successful doctor.
Ayiti knows she has a God-given call on her life to return and help.
moves back to Haiti to provide volunteer medical services with a Christian
Medical Missionary Group. She knows she is responding to
a call God has
placed on her life. What she doesn’t know is that God has so much more in store
for her.

After arriving in Haiti, Ayiti meets an English missionary,
Pastor Jude Patterson. Pastor Jude Patterson has been living in Haiti his entire
life. His British family gave their lives to minister to, and assist, the
Haitian people. Their ministry is focused on helping the Haitian people overcome
their practices of voodoo and witchcraft in order to come to the saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ.

When Ayiti arrives, Pastor Jude falls in love
with her. Immediately, he pursues her, but Ayiti cannot get over the fact that
he is white, seven years younger, and of a completely different cultural
background. She also despises the fact that Pastor Jude seems to be attacking
the very cultural beliefs that she prides herself in.

Ayiti is
determined to do what she came to Haiti to do: save her people. Pastor Jude,
however, will stop at nothing to capture her heart. More importantly, Pastor
Jude wants to help Ayiti let go of her misconceptions, and come to know the
truth about her beliefs about voodoo culture, and the truth about salvation
through Jesus Christ.

Battling issues regarding race, spiritual beliefs,
and age differences, the relationship between Ayiti and Jude is tested to the
limits. Will Ayiti put aside her preconceptions and bitterness to give Jude a
chance? Will she come to learn the truth about her spiritual beliefs and accept
Jesus? Will Jude win Ayiti’s heart?


What a book! I really enjoyed Ayiti and highly recommend it. First, though let me tell you what I loved about it. Ayiti is a Haitian-American doctor who feels like the Lord is leading her to go to Haiti to volunteer her services for a year. Yet, though she believes in Jesus she doesn’t know him and I really liked how the author was able to show the difference between believing and knowing Jesus. This novel also addresses the issue of trying to combine two religions…it simply doesn’t work. I learned a lot of about voodoo and how some people try to practice both Christianity and voodoo. I also loved the love interest. I liked that Jude had two strikes against him so-to speak and he overcame them.

Jude. What a guy. At moments he was so intense and at other moments so sweet that it made him seem real. I loved his relationship with God, but when he was human he really just showed his age. One thing I appreciated about the romance in this novel was that the physical attraction didn’t carry the relationship. Watching the relationship develop into friendship was a joy to read. Furthermore, after Ayiti got saved, she and Jude didn’t just get married. There was time for her to develop as a believer which I think a lot of books don’t allow for.

The downside to this book was probably all the endearments that Jude and Ayiti called each other, maybe since I’ve never been in their shoes I don’t get it, but it was a bit much. I will say there is some adult content that is not usually in most Christian novels, but nothing out of order.

I really enjoyed this book. It was so nice to read something that I don’t usually read and enjoy it. Recommended! And for the record, my review is long because the book is 1000 pages! I felt like I went to Haiti and back!

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