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Staci Stalling’s Cowboy


Life has done its best to knock Beth McCasland to the ground, and the truth is:
it’s done a pretty good job of keeping her there. Stuck in a minimum-wage job
with a young daughter counting on her, Beth does her best to stay standing under
the weight of it all because she knows God is on her side. Then one night she
gets the chance to be an angel to another of life’s weary travelers. For once
hope has never looked so real.

Cowboy is a grace-filled story about the
power of giving everything to God and how a simple act of compassion can change
lives forever. Emotional, soothing, and heart-wrenching, Cowboy is infused with
the message that no matter who we are and no matter what life has thrown at us,
we never have to walk alone.


Call me a sucker for romance, but I really loved the premise behind this book. I liked the idea of getting to know a celebrity and not knowing it! I especially loved that the romance started with friendship and that it wasn’t based on attraction right away. This to me made the novel unique. I also appreciated that Beth witnessed to Timothy on the phone and wasn’t afraid to speak the truth in love. If there was a downside, it was after the “big reveal”. I felt like they started inventing problems for their relationship to not work. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story. Spiritually, I loved Beth’s desire to witness although I did notice that no one seemed to attend church or use scripture (not that its required, but still noticeable). Fun read!

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