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Monday Musings….New Years’ Resolutions

Do you make New Years’ Resolutions? I do, kind of. I usually pick three or four things that I would like to see accomplished in the new year and that way it’s easier for me to keep them in mind as the year passes. Last year, most of my resolutions had to do with finishing law school and passing the bar (which I kept Amen!) This year, I suppose it’s related to working, but as someone who loves to plan out every day, I am also committed to letting God change things up this year…and not to get upset about it.

But I also have some resolutions for this blog: more interviews, giveaways, and more people interaction. I love blogging, and I hope that it is truly a blessing to those who read it.

So what are some things you want to see happen this year? Any ideas to make my blog better?

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