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Interview of Kristen Heitzmann

Thank you for willing to be interviewed!
1) I just have to ask, what made you decide to write another novel with Morgan Spencer?
Morgan is one of those characters who doesn’t go away. I listened to an old play list while hiking, and he was right back in my head with a new opening scene.

2) What inspired your use of the insane asylum in the novel and did you have to do a lot of research for it?
I didn’t know about the asylum until Quinn told Morgan, and then the creep factor was too good to ignore. So, yes, I researched those kinds of facilities in that time period, and especially the use of LSD in treatment.

3) When writing novels, do you plan them out first or do you get surprised as you write along?
I suppose you can already guess by my previous answers, that I plan nothing, not even the initial idea. Those sneak up on me too.

4) Of all the novels that you’ve written, do you have a favorite series or family?
Besides Morgan and the Spencers, I love Lance and the Michelli family series, SECRETS, UNFORGOTTEN, and ECHOES.

5) Can you share with us about any new projects you’re working on?
I’m writing a wildfire novel, after living through the Waldo Canyon Fire, that is set in my fictional town Redford, Colorado. It includes characters from INDIVISIBLE and INDELIBLE and introduces new firefighting characters.
I’m also writing a romantic comedy set in NYC.

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