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Monday Musings….What Makes a Romance Novel a Good Romance

So I just recently read a novel that advertised itself as a romance, but I’m sorry to say, it simply wasn’t one. That got me thinking, what must a romance have to be a good romance?

1. The foundation of friendship. Friendship, I think is key to a good romance novel. I love 5 hour long BBC movies because you can see the romance develop as two people get to know each other. Also, I think it’s easier for the reader to identify with the heroine if the relationship is based on friendship than looks. There’s great hope for the future with friendship.

2. Chemistry. I never really considered whether or not chemistry was needed (I’m sorry I hate current romance movies, they play too much on attraction), but it is. Looking for a spouse shouldn’t be like shopping for a pair of shoes, there should be some iota of attraction there!

3. The romance must make sense. I mean that’s as straightforward as it gets. There can be age differences, but by the time I put the novel down, I shouldn’t keep thinking ‘dude was old’ or ‘why did he pick that sister,’?

4. Both characters have to give a little. I’m all about men jumping through hoops for their women, but really the best romance novel requires change on both people’s parts. Otherwise, I’m reading the novel and while I see why one person wants the relationship, I’m confused as to the other.

5. Jesus at the center. This should probably be number one. But really, for you to have faith in that couple to get things done and most importantly for that relationship to last, it must have Jesus at the center.

So these are a few of my thoughts. Anyone have any other ones to contribute?

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