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Shelley Gray’s A Texan’s Choice: The Heart of a Hero

Texas, 1874. Long ago, Scout Proffitt gave up on ever being a man of honor like his Civil War hero brother Clayton. But when Scout steps foot on the rundown remnants of the Circle C ranch, he wonders if maybe—just maybe—the Lord has something different intended for him.

Rosemarie has lived most of her life doubting her worth and shouldering the blame for her brother’s death. But when a stranger rides onto her ranch, claiming he owns it, she suddenly is given a choice: either keep looking at the dark side of life . . . or dare to dream.

What a stunning conclusion to a great series! I loved this book! The best thing about Ms. Gray’s novels, is that they are layered with realism. Her women are not 20th century women, but women who need to survive. Her men are men who have had to make choices that are not always easy and you can take ’em or leave ’em. Of the three novels by Ms. Gray, I think this one is my favorite. Scout’s character is so fully developed from this novel and the previous that you feel like you can understand this complex hero. Rosemarie is the perfect heroine for a man like Scout. Spiritually, they just live their faith. It comes as natural to them as breathing. That’s the only way to describe it. Highly Recommended!

** I got this copy from Netgalley through Abingdon Press. My opinion was not influenced in anyway.**

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