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Steven James’ Opening Moves


In The Bowers Files novels, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped some of the most vicious serial killers ever imagined. Now, in the fifth exciting installment, author Steven James takes readers back to Bowers’s terrifying beginning.
Milwaukee, 1997. In a city reeling from the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, a series of gruesome kidnappings and mutilations draw authorities into a case like nothing they’ve ever seen. Cops think a Dahmer copycat is on the loose.
But Patrick Bowers, working as a homicide detective, suspects this is more than an ode to the infamous cannibal. When he discovers that the shocking acts reference some of the most notorious and macabre killers in our nation’s history, the investigation spirals into a nightmare of manipulation, brutality, and terror.
Wielding groundbreaking investigative techniques, Bowers must now face off with a killer who will stop at nothing to get his message out to the world. Chilling, gritty, and packed with twists and turns, Opening Moves is Steven James’s most heart-pounding novel yet.


This is the best Patrick Bowers novel so far! But then again, I think Mr. James tops himself with each novel he writes. You would think that since this is a prequel it wouldn’t be too exciting since you already know the big picture. Wrong. While there are a few ‘aha’ moments, I was getting surprised on every corner. If you like crime novels, this is the one. So this novel was not geared toward the Christian market, but, aside from the murders, it’s a clean novel that brings up an interesting issue: when do you become accountable for your actions? And it certainly made me want to pray for the protection of my family and to thank God I was born to some good parents.

Warning: I’m not sure if this novel contains more violent crimes than the others, but these are certainly very grisly. I think they’re more horrifying than his other novels, because he tosses in some real serial killers, and there’s nothing scarier than reality. Furthermore, please be wise and do not read this book well into the evening when everyone else in your household is in bed and you have to turn off all the lights in the house and then suddenly remember your bedroom is in the basement. Not wise. Such a good book. Highly Recommended!

Want to find out more about Steven James? Stay tuned for my interview this month!

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