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Young Adult Fiction

 Tomorrow starts the beginning of two weeks of Young Adult (YA) fiction! I’m really excited because YA fiction is one of my favorite areas to read (it surprised me too). The secular world has really rocked with their YA: Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, Harry Potter (I’ve actually only read the Hunger Games and Divergent, but I bet you’ve heard of the others). Well, the Christian world has some great novels out there as well. That said, some current trends in both areas are: two very good guys who both like the heroine, some kind of supernatural type of guy, and fiercely strong female leads. If the novel has a female protagonist, then there will be romance. If there is a male protagonist usually its about friendship. I’ll be presenting Christian YA that runs the gamut from realistic and/or historical to supernatural or futuristic.

Anyone else a fan of YA fiction? Got a favorite? Is there anything that gets on your nerves about YA fiction? I know I’m not a huge fan of the two good guys and one girl scenario unless it serves some kind of purpose (always makes me feel sad for one of them). Any other trends you notice? See you tomorrow, should be fun!

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