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Serena Miller’s The Measure of Katie Calloway

This book was a good surprise. It starts at the end of the Civil War (my favorite American War to read about) and Katie Calloway’s husband comes home and he is no good. Long story short she runs away to work at a logging company in Michigan. Usually I don’t like stories of deception. There has to be a good (and I mean good) reason for it, and then the big reveal can’t happen way at the end. In other words, there is an art to using deception in a novel and Ms. Miller did a great job with it. At no place in the novel did I feel that Katie Calloway was being annoying, in fact I really enjoyed her character. This book will make you laugh out loud, sigh in the end and learn about trusting God through the difficult times when there seems like there is no hope. Terrific!

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