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R. J. Larson’s Prophet

The Prophet by R. J. Larson is a great fantasy novel. When starting a new fantasy series, I’m always concerned that I will get lost in the details. That does not happen here. In fact, having read the Old Testament so much I feel right at home. This book is about a girl named Ela who is called by the Infinite (God) to warn people (or bless people). She’s like Samuel in the Bible, none of her words fall to the ground. This could seem like a very serious novel, but the author throws in Kien. Kien is a young ambassador with a great sense of humor who is a perfect foil for Ela. Together they get things done. And…there might just be some romance.

Not only is this book really good, when I was reading it, it made me stop and think about my own relationship with God and how too often I question rather than trust. This book will definitely lead you back to the Lord. Highly recommended. Book two, Judge, comes out later this year and it is Kien’s story! Tomorrow I will be hosting R. J. Larson herself, so stay tuned…

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