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Tracy Higley’s Garden of Madness

 Ms. Higley writes the best books about ancient cities. In fact, I’m almost always spouting off facts about the ancient world based off of her books (no pressure!). In Garden of Madness you have suspense, intrigue, romance, sorcery, and secrets. This book gives a rendition of what could of happen when King Nebuchadnezzar lived like a beast for seven years. What a unique and fun concept. If you have read Ms. Higley’s other books, you won’t be surprised that spirtual warfare is a must since the worship of false gods and demons was so prevalent in those days (and perhaps in ours as well). Tiamat, the heroine, has to choose whether she will serve God or one of the Babylonian gods. One of the things that I love about this book is that God isn’t crippled. In the ancient world people really had faith. Today, I think we intellectualize our way out of faith ( I step out of the pulpit now).

The romance is between Tiamat, King Nebuchadnezzar’s daughter, and her late husband’s brother Pedaiah. Can’t get anymore exciting than that! The book was a page-turner and I look forward to what Ms. Higley writes next!

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