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Tessa Afshar’s Harvest of Rubies

 One author who I really enjoy reading is Tessa Afshar. I first read her book Pearl in the Sand last year and loved it. She just released Harvest of Rubies this month. Harvest of Rubies, what can I say? I could not put it down. I stayed up way past my bed time (you have one of these when you must get up early) and then I woke up early and continued reading the book. I was so disappointed as I turned the pages because I knew the end was near. This book had romance (always a +), suspense, intrigue…did I say romance? One of my favorite plots in books are arranged marriages, but this plot can be done poorly. There’s nothing worse to me than applying 21st century logic to historical novels. This book does not do that. There is actually a legit reason for the problems that this marriage starts off with.

Spiritually, this book was on point. I don’t want to give anything away, but the author refers to John 15 (even though this book does take place in old testament fashion) with the vine, the branches, and pruning. It had me thinking last night about whether I am being pruned to give more fruit or if I’m just growing haphazardly (essentially dying) in my relationship with God.

I was thrilled to discover that there is a book two, I just hope I don’t have to wait until May 2013 to find out what happens next with Sarah and Darius.

2 thoughts on “Tessa Afshar’s Harvest of Rubies

  1. Finished the book! It was a very interesting story! I couldn’t stand Sarah, then I loved her. Darius was a wonderful character also. Some times it felt a little wordy, but I enjoyed it from page one. Looking forward to the rest of their story!

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