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Monday Musings…The Importance of Characterization‏

What is the Biggest Factor that Makes an Author Better Than Those Around? Characterization

One thing I have noticed as an avid reader, is that it is not the genre that sinks or raises an author, it is their characters. Are the heroes heroic? Are the heroines relatable? I don’t care what the author writes: westerns, Amish, prairie, contemporary, fantasy, mystery, YA, etc., it is the people who make the book, not the setting. The characters should be able to come off the pages. Do you feel sad when they are sad? Are you concerned when they’re in trouble? Do they make you want to pray for them (in a good way, i.e. not thinking that they have serious issues)? Are you happy when they are?

Great characters stay with you forever like Francine Rivers’ Hadassah (A Voice in the Wind) and Michael Hosea (Redeeming Love). Or Christy by Catherine Marshall. Even Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind (book version). You may not have read that particular book in years, but you know that character so well.

And so with this in mind, who are some great characters you’ve met recently?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings…The Importance of Characterization‏

  1. Great post! I so agree that the characters are really what makes the novel! I would say Lady Daylily and Prince Foxbrush from “Shadow Hand”! Amazing growth for these 2 characters as the book goes on!

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